Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cuff Bracelets

Last night I was cleaning my sewing room and found a bunch of supplies I had purchased at one time but forgot about (shocking!)

One of those things were metal cuff bracelets. So, I decided to stop organizing and make bracelets instead. (ADD is a wonderful thing! ha ha)

I had an old pair of jeans lying around that I cut apart to make these little denim sleeves to feed the metal cuffs into. For one of the bracelets I used demin on one side and chocolate suede on the other side. Then I started digging through my supplies looking for stuff to decorate these bracelets with. I added a fabric flower I made a while ago to one of the bracelets and I strung some buttons and washers to hemp cord for the other bracelet and waa laa!!

I should probably get back to organizing the sewing room now! ha ha

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