Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Attaching an Exterior Zipper Tutorial

With right sides facing pin the interior lining piece that has no interfacing to the exterior of
the purse. With a fabric pen and a ruler you will be drawing a rectangle that is 1.5” down
from the top and 1.5” in from the right and left side. The rectangle will be 1/2 inch tall. (see

Machine stitch along the marked rectangle. Cut a slit in the center of the rectangle stopping
about 1/4 inch from either end then angled out to the corners. Don’t cut through your stitching. Push the lining fabric through the window to the back side of exterior pressing the seam away from the center.

Secure the zipper in place using pins, glue or fusible tape. If your zipper is longer than the
window, that is OK. Line it up so that when closed the zipper pull is at one end of the window.
The excess will be cut off the other end after the zipper is sewn in place.

Place the zipper on the lining side so it is right side up in the window on the exterior side.
Stitch around all four sides of the rectangle. Keep stitching close to the seam line where the
exterior fabric & the lining meet. Be sure the lining fabric is flat & out of the way before stitching.

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